About US

It calls a today "Digital Age"

One of these days, this digital wave changes all things to move newly and deeply spread through our whole life, which makes come true whatever we have not imagined before.

But along with these kinds of changes, the enterprise situation is getting much more complicated and various, besides the repeated and conventional things are gradually getting disappeared, so I think we should get used to the new technologies, thoughts, and new systems.
Point is, who acclimate to a new environment quickly will survive, and grow in the field throughout leading a change.

Coming with this digital age, DPC is also preparing for 2nd take-off.
All abilities of DPC are being concentrated on new business development, and accomplish reconstruction positively to engraft upon IT business.
In the field of existing High Voltage Transformers for Microwave Ovens, we are not satisfied with the current world-wide top place, and proceeding R&D activities continuously to make them more efficient and higher valued products.

Also strengthen our global system based on overseas branches; eventually we are going to be a higher valued company in all over world as well as in the largest market of world, China.
We DPC will manage dynamically and softly for the rapidly changed environment and strengthen the base for the future growth.

And also we promise to being born again as a high valued enterprise through insuring substantiality along with balanced growth

We appreciate all netizen for visiting DPC homepage again.