DPC is Digital Power Communications. It gives shape to meaning of build up the Global Communication thru network with Digital department and Power department.
It includes active and progressive business philosophy to the world with new Technology of digital age and capacity of existing power business and DPC personnel's implied will to the future vision and ardent wish.

Business Philosophy

Maximizes customer satisfaction.
  • Make up fair transaction system, clean transaction atmosphere.
  • Always respect customer’s opinion and secure trust to give satisfaction.
  • Correspond in customer's desire change and always trying to contribute in profit creation.
  • Aiming for a top company
  • Aiming for a top company
  • Become corporation which does the best development and the best market occupancy.
  • Our customer is all cosmopolitan
  • and my value is the world best.

  • Challenge the world, create the future
  • Seek the best efficiency and superlative quality by technical development and rationalization of management.
  • Intend Leading Corporation which forecast the future and present solution spontaneously.
  • Conform related laws and regulation of community of nations and secure high position of competition by right method.
  • Open-mind and support employee's self-actualization.
  • According to ability and quality, give an impartial opportunity.Compensate fairly about ability and achievement.
  • Establish desirable competent person and support ceaseless own development.
  • Compensate fairly about ability and achievement.