R & D

Status R & D

DPC R&D institute established in 1992 has been the source of power that becomes industrial frontrunner steadily with the belief "The Best of the World"

DPC has not been saving the ceaseless investment and bold facility investment based on the thorough plan to get along with the various international situation and economy stream. Plus, acquired a lot of license including special patent of insulation structure called the point technology of H.V.T (High Voltage Transformer) and the qualified technique and quality have been recognized for the warm trust from the domestic and overseas customers.

In case of HVT, developed the Class R type 1 level up graded from the current insulation system (Class N) that has the competitive cost comparing to the other competitor. And also, REACTOR has been developed with the competitive product through the miniaturization of goods and overseas localization on the basis of the constant cost reduction activity and new application of UI-type core to production line.

Also, persistent new material development has enabled us to apply our own insulating material for the goods and we put the spurs to the product development of high quality that utilize actively local sourcing and self-subsistence of raw material.

R&D institute is devoting to the new Item development effort being working hard for the consumer satisfies and not to fall in pride of forefront corporation, expanding and develop the item territory by new item from the existing H.V.T and Reactor development.

The light of R&D institute may not turn off until make product being satisfied by customer and environmental qualified product as well as being The Best of Best.

From now on, please positively take a look at DPC that is pushing on for the destination passing starting point to get to the top in the digital business field.